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Privacy Policy

The PyAOS site adheres to the following privacy policy: I do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information without your knowledge, except for information that is part of the normal procedure of fulfilling your web page requests. An example of such information are the IP addresses of the most frequent page requesters, which is provided in the reports I receive from my web hosting service. Another exception to this policy is that I may use Google Analytics to help me analyze my web traffic. Google Analytics may use a cookie that will collect anonymous traffic data. Also, the web site uses the Disqus comment system; that system is governed by their privacy policy and terms of service.

Of course, some features of the site (such as the mailing lists) do collect personally identifiable information, but such information is provided by users of PyAOS knowingly and by their own free choice. Any user who provides personally identifiable information does so without the expectation that their information will be kept private, confidential, and/or not misused. I wish I could make such a guarantee, but this is a free public service, not a company, and I don’t have the resources to fulfill such an expectation. Sorry about that.