Development Environments and Tools

Development Environments

You can use just a text editor and the Unix command-line to develop in Python, but a number of development environments make the job easier and extend your development capabilities:

  • IDLE: The default development environment that comes with every Python distribution
  • IPython: An enhanced interactive input/output experience that emulates a Mathematica notebook
  • PyCharm: From the website: “The Most Intelligent Python IDE”
  • Python(x,y): From the website: “Scientific-oriented Python Distribution based on Qt and Eclipse.” The link refers to the Windows version; go here for the GNU/Linux version.
  • Spyder: Interactive development environment for scientific users

Development Tools

Collaboration tools, Agile programming and development tools, etc.

  • GreenHopper: Project management tool for Agile programming.
  • tox: Front-end to continuous integration servers.
  • Trello: Collaboration tool.
  • virtualenv: Virtual Python environment (can be used for testing mixes of dependencies).