AOS-Specific Tutorials

Here we provide a list of tutorials specifically geared for the atmospheric and oceanic sciences (AOS) user. A lot of these tutorials are a bit more general, covering scientific computing or uses in the physical sciences, because the AOS Python community hasn’t generated many tutorials.

Learning the Language for AOS Use

Examples Directories and Collections

Climate Data Analysis Tools

Evaluations of Python as a Language for AOS Use



Interfacing with Compiled Code

  • f2py: A package/utility to wrap Fortran routines to make them usable in Python:
  • Performance Python: Article describing a number of ways of using Python for scientific computing (e.g. with C, with Fortran, compared to Matlab, etc.) with code examples and timing results.






Teaching AOS

These links are to tutorials, articles, and projects describing the use of Python for teaching AOS concepts and ideas: