General Tutorials and Tools

Here we provide a list of general tutorials, articles, and teaching tools about learning scientific Python.

About Python

Learning the Language

These are general books and tutorials designed to teach you the language in a systematic way, or general reference works, as opposed to articles and tutorials focused on a specific, narrow topic.


Documenting Python

  • Epydoc: Pretty complete tool for generating documentation from docstrings
  • Pydoc and Disutils Modules
  • Sphinx: Generates really nice looking code documentation and supports both manual and self-generated documentation!

Evaluating Python

  • Why Python?: Article written in 2000 by Eric Raymond. Discusses why Python is better than Perl, from someone who knows languages.

Operating System Control and Shell Replacement


String Manipulation

Teaching Tools

  • Online Python Tutor: Executes code snippets line-by-line and shows you what is happening in memory, etc.

Thinking Like a Programmer