Language, Tool, and OS Interfaces

Build Tools

  • SCons: A Python replacement for make and autoconf.

Cloud Computing

  • Heroku: “Cloud application platform” for Agile deployment of Python and other languages.
  • PiCloud: Run your program on the cloud using very few lines of Python code.

Compiled Languages and Parallelization

  • ASAPPyTools: “The ASAP Python Toolbox is a collection of stand-alone tools for doing simple tasks, from managing print messages with a set verbosity level, to keeping timing information, to managing simple MPI communication.”
  • Cython: (Almost) effortlessly turn Python code into C extensions. A great way to make your Python code go (much) faster!
  • ctypes: Module to interface with C and C++
  • f2py: Way to wrap Fortran routines to make them usable in Python
  • mpi4py: Python bindings to MPI.
  • Fwrap: Wraps Fortran in C, Cython, and Python.
  • myMPI: A module for parallelizing Fortran/C and Python
  • petsc4py: Python bindings to PETSc (Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation).
  • PySpark: Python API to Spark (“Apache Spark is a fast and general-purpose cluster computing system”).
  • SWIG: Wrapper for C and C++ routines
  • threading: “This module constructs higher-level threading interfaces on top of the lower level thread module.”


  • psycopg: Python adapter to the PostgreSQL database system.
  • redis-py: Python bindings to the redis data server.

Graphical User Interfaces

  • PyQt: Python bindings to Nokia’s Qt user-interface framework.

Operating System Interfaces

  • glob: Built-in module for pathname pattern expansion.
  • os: Built-in module of operating system interfaces.

Scripting Languages and Frameworks

  • IronPython: Integration with .NET.
  • Jepp: Python embedded in Java.
  • JSTools: Utilities to manage JavaScript libraries.
  • Jython: Write Python but run is on any Java Virtual Machine.
  • pydermonkey: Run JavaScript from Python.
  • PyPy: A version of Python that can be configured to use microthreads, permitting massive concurrency.
  • Python for .NET
  • python-spidermonkey: Run JavaScript from Python.