Python makes it easy to import modules and packages, but, as many new users have found to their dismay, sometimes what you have to type to import the package does not match the package’s name! Here’s a list of packages AOS users may find useful and how to import them. If the package name and the import name are the same (e.g., to import the os package just type import os, the comment “Same” is given. Note that some deprecated packages are listed, for completeness:

  • Matplotlib: import matplotlib
  • netCDF4: Same
  • Numerical Python: import Numeric
  • NumPy: import numpy
  • os: Same
  • PyNGL: import Ngl
  • PyNIO: import Nio
  • ScientificPython: import Scientific
  • SciPy: import scipy
  • sys: Same
  • time: Same