• netcdf4-python: Read and write the netCDF4 format.
  • pydap: Implementation of the Data Access Protocol (DODS, OPeNDAP).
  • pygrib: Read and write GRIB1 and GRIB2 files.
  • PyNIO: Read and write a variety of scientific data formats, including HDF and GRIB.
  • pysclint: Interface to netCDF, HDF4.
  • PyTables: Hierarchical dataset management. It reads and writes practically anything.
  • ScientificPython: Includes netCDF, text, and array file interfaces.
  • Siphon: “Siphon is a collection of Python utilities for downloading data from Unidata data technologies. Siphon’s current functionality focuses on access to data hosted on a THREDDS Data Server.”
  • zipfile: Module for working with ZIP compressed files.