Ideas for an AMS Code Sprint

The Second AMS Python Symposium will be held at the 2012 Annual Meeting in New Orleans. There will, of course, be talks at the conference, but one idea I wanted to collect feedback on is a code sprint. Of course, this leads to the question what would we be sprinting towards? I wanted to collect ideas in this post for possible projects. Regardless of whether we do this at the 2012 meeting, I wanted to write down these ideas so we don’t forget them. Remember, this is a brainstorm (initials of the contributor follows each item):

  • Django-powered webapp for disseminating climate services information (DR).
  • A layer of visualization abstractions for PyNGL, i.e., a library of routines which provide Matlab-like functionality to creating plots, letting the user specify necessary information but take care of setting the resources and other boilerplate stuff (DR).
  • Extend the SharpPy package (a Python version of the SkewT/Hodograph Analysis and Research Program) (PM).
  • Extensions to NumPy/SciPy/matplotlib to include meteorology/climatology-specific functionality (PM).

Please email me ideas you have <johnny at> and I’ll add them!

Contributors: Patrick Marsh (PM), Daniel Rothenberg (DR).

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