Passing the Baton

Greetings from Boston! I’m attending this year’s Python Symposium at AMS and it’s been great! Amy McGovern gave a stellar core science keynote today on “How Python Can Help Us to Create the Physical Data Scientists of the Future”! Make sure you check out her talk when AMS makes the screencasts of this year’s talks available in a few months! (Though, unfortunately, her live drone demo won’t appear on the screencast.)

I’m writing to let y’all know that I’m stepping down as administrator of the PyAOS blog and mailing list. Damien Irving, whom you may know through his Dr. Climate blog ( and yeoman’s work with Data Carpentry, has generously agreed to become the administrator for PyAOS. He has great ideas for the future of the blog and mailing list and I’m looking forward to seeing where he takes it! He wanted me to let y’all know that he’s very interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas; feel free to email him at [email protected]

I wanted to thank everyone who has helped with the blog and mailing list over these 9ish years! It has been a real privilege to collaborate with so many people on this project and to see the growth of the Python community during this time. Thank you for being part of the atmospheric and oceanic sciences Python community!

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