AMS Hackathon in Seattle!

Here’s the announcement from the organizers of the hackathon at the 2017 Seattle AMS meeting:

The Conference on Environmental Information Processing Technologies (EIPT) is organizing a “hackathon” to start during the 2017 Seattle American Meteorological Society (AMS) meeting. This idea came out of conversations with the HPC and Python conferences at AMS. The actual programming/collaborative nature of the hackathon will be a mixture of virtual and physical with teams working off site on a proposed topic, or working on any other topic that interests them.

There will be a meet up for participants on Sunday evening the 22nd of January from 5-8 pm at Cray Supercomputing (which is close to the Convention Center). This event is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Cray and participating in the hackathon. It will be hosted by Cray. The time will be used to to introduce folks, let teams form and converse, let existing teams brainstorm, have Cray talk about the resources they might be able to give the teams, let teams meet with
subject matter experts etc.

Then the teams will go off for 3-6 months and give a virtual presentation of their results sometime in the summer. Teams could organize and work virtually ahead of the Meeting in January, should participate in a meet-up during the Meeting, and then complete their projects over the next six months.

This is a great opportunity to bring together a diverse group of
scientists, students, and programmers who are excited about noodling with the data and getting an opportunity to utilize supercomputing time or just work through a problem we’ve posed.

Please go to to sign up for the hackathon and to RSVP for the event at Cray (so we are sure to have enough pizza for everyone!)

Please feel free to forward to anyone interested!

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