Python for Geosciences

Nikolay Koldunov has a neat introduction to the use of Python in the geosciences as a set of nbviewer files (h/t from the author). In particular I appreciated the examples of how to use pandas, Iris, Cartopy, etc. for AOS applications. Check it out!

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  • viczhn

    hi,Johnny Lin,i’m a new user of python. and i wander how can i use python to interpolate scattered station data to regular grid points

    i have tried scipy.interpolate.griddata and interp2d,but i can just get this kind of results,
    this is not a good picture,and i doubt the result is actually wrong.
    so how can i achieve this goal?

  • Johnny Lin

    Hi viczhn!

    Thanks for the comment! My own experience with grid interpolation has been with the CDAT routines, which have worked fine for me, so maybe you might want to try those. But your question is probably best asked on the PyAOS mailing list. My suggestion to you would be to subscribe to the list (go to the page link at the top of this blog under the banner photo) and post your question to the list. Thanks!


  • viczhn

    thanks a lot! i’ll try that