New Release of UV-CDAT is Available!

See (Hat tip: Charles Doutriaux.)

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  • Wanli Wu

    Hi, CDAT users/developers,

    I am new to CDAT, and was able to use cdms2, regrid2 under Anaconda’s ipython (2.2) notebook to process netCDF files. But have trouble to open grib files (NCEP CFSR). It seems to me that CDAT takes some kind grib data. Can someone point me right way to read grib files?

    Another question relate to visualisation with CDAT’s vas. I was able to ‘import vcs’ under ipython notebook , the plot runs, but no graphics comes out, and no error message. So is it possible to run CDAT’s vcs within ‘python notebook’?


    Wanli Wu
    National Center for Atmospheric Research
    Boulder, CO 80301
    [email protected]