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A Description of the Weather and Climate Stack

Damien Irving has a great post describing the weather and climate stack in Python!

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What to Use for User-Interfaces

This week on the mailing list, there was a neat thread about what to use for writing user-interfaces in Python. Here was a list of recommended graphical user-interface packages: Qt: pyQt or pySide. PyGTK wxPython Glade + PyGTK Chris Barker … Continue reading

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New Version of UV-CDAT Released

Version 2.1 is now available! Binaries are available here. (Hat tip to Charles Doutriaux.)

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Aoslib Code Sprint at AMS 2014

Jonathan Helmus is organizing a code sprint for aoslib at the AMS 2014 Python Symposium! Here are the details from an email Jonathan sent out to the mailing list …

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The Homogenization of Scientific Computing

On the mailing list today, Scott Collis shared this article on why Python is dominating scientific computing. The article also discusses some amazing new Python packages for scientific computing!

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New Book on Python and GIS

Packt has a new book out called Learning Geospatial Analysis with Python. Here’s more info.: (Hat tip to the author, Joel Lawhead.) Check it out!

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UV-CDAT 1.4.0 Released


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New Wavelet Package

Andrea Cimatoribus has just put out wmtsa-python, a wavelet package for timeseries analysis. It’s in pre-alpha stage, but users, testers, and contributors are very welcome! Hat tip: Andrea Cimatoribus, on the main PyAOS mailing list.

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New Release of UV-CDAT is Available!

See (Hat tip: Charles Doutriaux.)

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“So Easy, a Caveman Can Do It”!

Editor’s Note: This post, by Kimberly Hoogewind of Purdue University, is the first in a series of short posts about the talks given at the Third Symposium on Advances in Modeling and Analysis Using Python, held at the 93rd AMS … Continue reading

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