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Call for Papers for SciPy 2015

From Chris Barker: SciPy2015 will be held in Austin, Texas • July 6-12, 2015 this year. The call for papers and tutorials is out — please consider submitting something! Note that I will be chairing a met-ocean mini-symposium this … Continue reading

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Check Out the SciPy 2013 Talks

As most folks know, SciPy is the premiere conference on doing all things scientific with Python. This is really the place to be if you want to learn about the absolute cutting-edge in using Python for scientific computing. The SciPy … Continue reading

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“So Easy, a Caveman Can Do It”!

Editor’s Note: This post, by Kimberly Hoogewind of Purdue University, is the first in a series of short posts about the talks given at the Third Symposium on Advances in Modeling and Analysis Using Python, held at the 93rd AMS … Continue reading

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PyFerret Documentation and Downloads Pages Now Available

Karl Smith has an announcement about PyFerret: “For those interested in trying out PyFerret (Ferret as a Python module – presented at this Spring’s AMS session), or those just interested in knowing more about PyFerret, there are now documentation and … Continue reading

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UV-CDAT 1.0.0 is Released

An announcement from Charles Doutriaux at LLNL: The UV-CDAT team is proud to announce the official release of UV-CDAT 1.0.0. Instructions on how to download and install can be found at Binaries are also available for Mac and various … Continue reading

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