AMS Fifth Python Symposium Recordings are Up

The recordings (screencasts) from the AMS Fifth Python Symposium are available here. Enjoy!

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Call for Papers for SciPy 2015

From Chris Barker:

SciPy2015 will be held in Austin, Texas • July 6-12, 2015 this year.

The call for papers and tutorials is out — please consider submitting something!

Note that I will be chairing a met-ocean mini-symposium this year, so I particularly encourage this community to submit ideas!

This is a great event, for both newbies to Python as well as old hands! Hope folks can make it!

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AGU Session on Scientific Workflow

There will be a session at the Montreal meeting in May called “Integrating Next Generation Technologies Into the Scientific Workflow: Lessons from Climate & Atmospheric Sciences” that folks might find of interest. The call is out for abstracts, and more information is availble here. (Hat tip to Paula Hennon.)

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New Version of UV-CDAT Released

Version 2.1 is now available! Binaries are available here. (Hat tip to Charles Doutriaux.)

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2015 AMS Python Symposium and Short Courses

Fyi, here’s the program for the Fifth Symposium on Advances in Modeling and Analysis Using Python. The Symposium is only one day, Monday, January 5, 2015, but it’ll be
really packed :)!

Two short courses will be offered, a Beginners and an Advanced course (both are two days and are offered concurrently, January 3-4, 2015). See the registration information/links page and the description of the courses page for details.

Everything is at the AMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ. Hope to see folks there!

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Unidata Python Workshop

Unidata is offering a two-day workshop “Using Unidata Technologies with Python”, October 21-22, 2014, at UCAR’s Foothills Lab 4, Room #1201, in Boulder, CO. Information is available at:

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AMS 2015 Python Symposium Abstract Deadline Extended

Just fyi, if you were interested in submitting an abstract to the AMS 2015 Python Symposium but hadn’t gotten around to it, the submission deadline has been extended to August 21. See here for the Call for Papers (along with details regarding the Best Student Paper Prize for the Symposium). Thanks!

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Submit an Abstract to the 5th AMS Python Symposium!

Just wanted to just invite you to submit an abstract to the 5th AMS Python Symposium to be held next year in Phoenix! See the call for papers for details. The abstract deadline is August 1. (Sorry I’m posting this so late.)

We encourage students to submit papers. There is a prize for the best paper. Details are available on the student prize flier. The abstract deadline for students is later, August 21.

Hope to see y’all in Phoenix!

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The Future of Visualization in Python

Jake Vanderplas has a neat post (written last year) on the future of visualization in Python and where Matplotlib fits into it:

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AMS 2014 Presentations are Available Online

Recorded talks (with any extended abstracts/handouts) for the Fourth Python Symposium at the 2014 AMS Annual Meeting are available online. Enjoy!

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